Hello, all you happy people.

Roland McGrath is Chief Frobtronicist at FrobTech, Inc., currently located in Somerville.

Here is my Netscape bookmarks file. If you can't read the file, wait about ten minutes and try again. Netscape is a piece of hopeless shit and insists on making the bookmarks file unreadable every time it thinks about it. I have a cron job to make it readable again every ten minutes.

I haven't put them together in any interesting way, but here are some pictures of my cat, Abbie.

Recently I have been inspired anew to ponder my old motto, ``When in doubt, just shoot it.''
(This does not apply to the cat.)

I now work for the University of Utah Computer Science Department's Flux Project. I hope someday to have exciting things here about what we're working on.

I used to work for the GNU Project.

You know, according to the computers, on the whole Internet, noone has said ``buttfucking ostriches'' before. See?

To see if I am home, finger my home machine. The X display :n corresponds to ttyvn, and ttyvn shows the idle time for that X display. So on the line for roland, notice the Where column and look at the X Session line for the corresponding ttyn.

I suggest, however, that all simply enjoy some pinhead wisdom.

Here are some of my friends who are on the Web:

(Other friends who have Web pages should add themselves to this list.)

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